WordPress Website Maintenance: Tips and Tricks

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. With themes and plugins, it offers a powerful platform to blogs and websites. However, your WordPress website needs regular maintenance which you can do yourself or get an expert offered by most WordPress Hosting services to do it for you. Today, we will look at steps that you can follow for the maintenance of a WordPress site.

Tips for WordPress Website Maintenance

●      Update the WP core, plugins, and themes

For WordPress to run efficiently, it is important that you keep the core, plugins, and themes updated at all times. You can do this yourself or opt for automatic updates offered by many hosting providers.

●      Change passwords regularly for increased security

One of the best ways of keeping your website safe from attacks is to change passwords regularly. Also, ensure that the password is not easy to guess.

●      Take regular backups

While you might take maximum steps to secure your website, it is always advisable to take backups of your website to guard against loss of data in case of any disaster. Take regular backups either manually or by using a backup plugin. Many WordPress hosting providers also offer automatic daily backups.

●      Manage Spam Messages

Spam messages can adversely affect the performance of your website. Hence, it is important to manage the message and comment section of your website regularly. You can install a plugin to delete the spam messages or do it manually.

●      WP-database Optimization

In WordPress, all content, media and data related to plugins and themes are stored in a database. Hence, for the WP website to function optimally, it is important to keep the database free of any build-up of data and regularly defragment the tables.

●      Image Optimization

While images speak a thousand words, they also account for a huge part of your website. Hence, it is important to keep the images optimized for a well-performing website. You can use image optimization plugins or resize and compress images manually to fit your site.

●      Find and Fix Errors

Your website can have errors including broken links, missing pages, etc. which can impact the performance of your website. Ensure that you analyze your website for errors and fix them without delay.

●      SEO Audit of your website

Apart from finding errors on your site, it is important to assess the content on your website for SEO and relevance to your targeted customers. You can use tools like Google Analytics to review your SEO strategy.

●      Security

Choosing a good hosting provider can ensure that you benefit from the latest security tools deployed by the host. However, it is important that you install the latest security plugins and scan your website for possible threats.


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The Importance of Having a Website for Business Development

Today, having a website is one of the important factors in a business trip, whatever and how small a business you have should start thinking about having a website. One day maybe one of the surprising things is when you see a business that does not have a website, because everyone knows a website is very useful to support a business. Every business that does not have an automatic website will lose one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them. that’s how important it is to have a website to grow your business.

The main reason why an important website for a company is because with the internet, people will easily find your product. With the ease and complete information available, people will tend to search for the desired product through searching the internet before making a purchase. If your company does not have a website and displays products in it, you will lose a lot of potential business opportunities. Even if you don’t intend to buy your product online, you can display the details and explanation of your business so that people are interested and learn about your business.

A website is also important to help you build business credibility. Most small business owners still think that having a website is just a big company, maybe also thinking that it’s not time to have a website because the manufacturing costs are expensive and you are still in the stage of starting a business so you don’t feel the need to have a website. This assumption is wrong, precisely by having a website from the beginning, your business will grow faster in terms of credibility, quickly gain business confidence from customers because with the website people will believe that you are really serious about managing the business that you run. Then in terms of marketing, the potential of people who will see and buy your product will be more widespread because of the reach of website promotion that does not know the borders of regions and countries.

A website not only adds credibility, but also helps give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it really is. One of the greatness of the internet is that it doesn’t know the size of the company, big or small, all can compete to gain popularity. There is no reason that a small company must be in the bottom of the search list for similar products. Only on the internet do you have the ability to conquer the products of multinational companies in terms of popularity and rating. Those are some of the reasons that the website is more important for small companies, rather than large companies that have their own market penetration.

But having a website for some people is not as easy as imagined, lack of resources, limited internet access and lack of guidance on how to manage and the assumption that creating a website requires expensive costs are some of the main problems. Actually
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Steps for Creating a Website Design

You probably already know that to facilitate web design work, we can use help software such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage or if you want to free it, you can use KompoZer. These software are usually known as web authoring software. However, to make a beautiful web design, you still need other tools. What I mean is software to manipulate images. Yes, Dreamweaver and his friends cannot manipulate images. What I mean by image manipulation here is to change the image that we will use on the web site, such as resizing, cutting, changing colors or even combining several images to make them look better.

All that can only be done by software that is used specifically to manipulate images. And of course the most likely thing you hear is Adobe Photoshop. Besides Adobe, I’ve also used Macromedia Dreamweaver several times and lately I tried an open source image processing software called GIMP. I try to apply this site. Please look to find out what GIMP can do. Although the filter is not as complete as Adobe, but for beginners is very sufficient.
Well, generally the steps taken when I design a web site are like this:

• Creating web template design drawings using GIMP
• Cut the image according to its area (eg headers, menus, body, footer, etc.).
• Arrange the pieces of the image back on the web site using KompoZer.
• If my web site is a dynamic web site, then the next step is to insert PHP codes into the resulting web site from KompoZer.
If your web page has been completed, you can proceed with the steps to create a web site on the internet.

Ok, hopefully this brief explanation can be useful at least giving an initial description of how the process of designing a web page in general.
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