When on August 6th 1991, the first web page made by Tim Berners-Lee went live; he might have had a clue that it will be revolutionary invention of 21st century. Indeed, he was thinking it right. Today, after 27 years, it has become a mandate to have a website for running a successful business. It has become an identity statement and considered as a tool to analyze the company, business and much more. Today there are more than 1 billion websites across the world with billions of views every day.  It is traumatic to believe a business growing multi folds without website. You can find almost everything on the web; it has become the first place to search for anything. It is the entire world on your hand.

Making a website is not just coding but it is an art. There are many platforms to make a website viz WordPress, Magento etc. but they create the coded website. It takes brains and vision to design a website. It has to be visualized and interpreted accordingly. The design has to be acutely in sync with the company and its values. Websites are based on themes that speak. It is easy to code a website but it is tough to bring the thoughts and ideas in execution.

Brochures, eCommerce, Portal are few types of websites those trend in market. Everyone chooses the type of website according to his need and nature of business. Also, the need decides whether the website will be static or dynamic. The content and images in static website does not change until updated by the admin on the contrary dynamic website has the potential to keep the images and content changing and also the content and images change completely for an ecommerce site. There are also version known as fluid or liquid those can adjust their proportion according to the screen size. Then is the responsive website which has compatibility with all the desktop and mobile devices.

A comprehensive design is one part of website, it has to be elegant but a complete website has another pillar which has to be equally strong and vibrant. It is the content on the web pages. Design attracts viewers and content makes them to stay there. Content has to be completely in sync with the design and they must complement each other. Effective content is simple and easy to understand. It is the structure of the content that explains the worth, capabilities and competence of the company.

Designing a website for ‌ Singapore website development ‌ is not just task; they take it as a responsibility to present the company as they present their own. Companies hire professionals with acute expertise in website developing. These developers can visualize and interpret the idea as it is in coding. They are reliable and worthy of keeping your trust and expectations. Media Plus is one such company with extensive experience and exhaustible ideas. You may visit the website for any further information.