Many people are doubtful and paranoid when talking about getting married. Especially if you throw it with finance. Some think after marriage that you have to count because you have to support your partner.
Well, you are married, surely there will be people who will take you there to get it out. So you can’t just go around.
What is clear, those who are married have a more mature financial pattern.

The same partner can discuss financial finances

Well, if you are married, you have come down and discussed everything for financial matters. This is important for your future. Understandably, the beginning of a marriage is certainly millions of tastes, but a real challenge arises in the first year. Therefore, the discussion is related to your financial priorities. You must determine which one is prioritized and must be postponed. For example, prioritizing the purchase of a former home in installments of a vehicle. Also when starting to prepare finances for the baby.

Don’t forget to determine the regular delivery

Determine the amount of routine expenditure (living expenses) during a very good afternoon. Don’t be too wasteful but don’t be too stingy. Just be realistic. You must explain the number of routines such as electricity bills, monthly shopping, transportation, and recreation. The goal is to make it easy to calculate every month. In addition, it can also analyze which posts can be reduced. Interested in finance you can visit

All shipments and entries must be recorded

Noting all income and expenses is mandatory. The goal is for mothers to know the financial balance. It looks trivial. But this is often overlooked. Therefore you must be consistent with everything and income that you get. This is also to train your finances properly.

Insurance or emergency funds

If you have a family, someone who needs life insurance or other insurance such as school and health. Insurance in principle is a financial change in the event of an unwanted disaster. Well, so that family finances do not interfere, can choose insurance. If you are not comfortable with insurance, you might be able to imagine an emergency fund. Its function is to anticipate if things suddenly happen. There is a large amount of money.